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  • Limpopo - June 2024

    Man gets life imprisonment after he brutally murdered his girlfriend at Dzingi Dzingi village in Limpopo

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  • Durban July 2024

    Pre-trial for father accused of killing mom in front of kids

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  • Free State - Juuy 2024

    Free State police concerned about the rise in rape incidents

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  • KZN - July 2025

    KZN MEC Mbali Shinga starts abuse investigation into children’s home

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  • Free State - July 2024

    Man hacks his girlfriend with an axe after she finds him cheating

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  • Worcester July 2024

    Two given heavy sentences for murder of their female partners

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  • JHB - July 2024

    Accused hit with life sentence plus 10 years for burning NWU student to death

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  • Durban July 2024

    Murder trial of son accused of stabbing mom 26 times to resume in November

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  • Eastern Cape - June 2024

    Eastern Cape couple who hired hitmen to kill their domestic worker for a funeral policy payout, jailed for life

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  • KZN - May 2024

    331 murder and attempted murder suspects among 9 595 arrested in KZN in May

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  • Limpopo - 30 May 2024

    Teenage girl attempted suicide, was hospitalised after being repeatedly raped by her stepfather

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Pepper Sprays & Tasers

"Pepper spray", a highly effective and non-lethal self-defense tool, is the ideal choice for women seeking personal protection. When sprayed, it releases a powerful, debilitating substance that temporarily incapacitates, is aan irritant that causes instant blindness and burning, nausea and coughing giving you the crucial moments needed to escape dangerous situations.

Girls Night out - Must haves

Elevate your girls' night out experience with our curated collection of self-defense and safety essentials. At Keychain SA, we believe that staying safe should never compromise style. Explore our handpicked selection of must-have tools to carry with you when you're painting the town red. From chic personal alarms to discreet self-defense keychains, our collection ensures you're prepared for any situation. Shop now for peace of mind without sacrificing your fashion-forward flair. Your safety, your style, your night out – only at Keychain SA.

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