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Keychain SA

Self Defence Keychain Mini set 5in1

Self Defence Keychain Mini set 5in1

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This Mini Self defence kit is a 5in1 set that packs a serious punch for its size.

Comes with:

3in1 Car Safety Tool

1. Window breaker ( Escape tool)

2. Seatbelt/ rope/ material cutter ( Escape and convenience tool)

3. Whistle (attract attention)

Keychain Pepper Spray 20ml

1. Compact, Highly effective, Non lethal. Causes Temporary blindness, nausea, coughing, irritation to nose eyes and skin


Kitty Knuckles

Knuckle duster/ brass knuckles - gives you a physical advantage. Increase the force of your punch. Tool meant for self defence.


Shipping Options SA only

Gauteng - R99 OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng - R105 ECONOMY (3-4 days)

Care Instructions

Material sections: Hand Wash

Luke warm water + Soap. Since and allow to dry.

Metal and plastic: Damp cloth and wipe surfaces.

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