About Us...

Welcome to KeyChain SA, your one-stop shop for self-defense keychains sets in South Africa. 

We believe every woman has the right to feel safe and protected at all times.

KeyChain SA: Empowering Women in SA

Welcome to KeyChain SA – your ally in empowerment. Celebrating one year of impact, we've assisted over 1500 women in South Africa.

Key Features:

Stylish keychains for discreet self-defense

Now offering self-defense classes

Techniques take down attackers in under 2.5 seconds, Common Attacks including hostage situations.

Training on how to stop sexual assault in 3 ways. and more..

Over 1500 women empowered with Keychains and accessories in 12 months

Quality products at affordable prices

Join us in changing lives, one class and one keychain at a time. Your safety is not just our business; it's our passion and priority!

Thank you for choosing KeyChain SA.

Who Is Behind Keychain SA

Nicole Koopman stands as a beacon of strength, determination, and empowerment. An entrepreneur, devoted mother, content creator, business coach, graphic designer, and recently certified OPPS Self Defence Instructor, Nicole is on a mission to create a safer future for her daughter and every woman in her homeland.

OPPS International CQC

About Keychain SA & Founder

A Visionary Entrepreneur with a Purpose

In November 2022, Nicole embarked on a remarkable journey And Started - Keychain SA, a unique venture specializing in ladies' self-defense keychains and accessories.

Determined Advocate for Change

Nicole's passion extends beyond her business endeavors. Fueled by the alarming rise in crime and corruption, coupled with a palpable lack of policing and a prevailing sense of insecurity in South Africa, Nicole decided to take action. Her recent certification as an OPPS Self Defence Instructor, specializing in Close Quarter Combat (CQC) LV1 Un-Armed, showcases her dedication to being a catalyst for change.

Empowering Communities, One Class at a Time

Nicole Koopman is not content with merely offering self-defense tools; she is on a mission to empower women and children across South Africa. To provide self-defense training in low-income areas, aiming to equip those who need it most.

A Social Media Maven with a Purpose

In the digital realm, Nicole is a force to be reckoned with. With the handle "@cola_pops" on TikTok, she captivates audiences with her engaging content, sharing snippets of her life, business insights, and empowering messages.

Corporate Empowerment and Social Responsibility

Nicole's now offers corporate self-defense classes, ranging from one-hour sessions to comprehensive eight-hour courses. A percentage of the fees generated from these classes will be directed towards funding self-defense training in low-income areas, further solidifying her commitment to social responsibility.

Nicole Koopman's story is one of resilience, compassion, and empowerment. Through Keychain SA and her role as an OPPS Self Defence Instructor, she is not only securing a better future for herself and her daughter but also creating ripples of positive change that resonate across communities.