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Bundle - Self Defence Keychain + Taser + Pepper Spray

Bundle - Self Defence Keychain + Taser + Pepper Spray

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Introducing the ultimate self-defense bundle:

10pc Self Defence Keychain Set comes with:

  • Kubaton: a multi-functional tool that doubles as a window breaker and weapon for emergency situations
  • Lipbalm/stick holder: keep your lips moisturized and protected at all times
  • Sanitiser holder: ensure that you always have a small bottle of sanitiser on hand to keep yourself and those around you safe
  • Sanitiser bottle: in addition to the holder, we include a small bottle of sanitiser for your convenience
  • Kitty knuckles: a discreet, keychain-sized self-defense tool in the shape of cute kitty paws
  • 2 in 1 Torch and 140 decibel alarm: a powerful LED torch to light your way and a loud alarm to deter attackers or alert others to your location
  • Plush Pom Pom: a cute and soft keychain accessory to add a touch of personality to your keys
  • 3 in 1 Whistle, Seatbelt cutter, window breaker: a whistle to attract attention, Seatbelt cutter incase you need to escape or are stuck, window break incase of emergency.
  • Wrist strap: a convenient strap to attach your keychain to your arm for easy access in any situation
  • Key Knife: a folding knife that attaches to your keychain for quick access


  • 25000k Volt Taser: a powerful taser for self-defense, comes with a poach and charging cable for easy portability


  • 60ml or 110ml Pepper Spray: a potent pepper spray with a 2-3 meter range, features a safety cap for added security (if 60ml is out of stock a 110ml pepper spray will be added)

This bundle has everything you need to keep yourself safe and protected at all times, whether you're out and about, walking to your car in a dark parking lot, or just want peace of mind knowing you have tools at the ready in case of an emergency. Don't wait, order your Keychain Safety Set today!

Shipping Options SA only

Gauteng - R99 OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng - R105 ECONOMY (3-4 days)

Care Instructions

Material sections: Hand Wash

Luke warm water + Soap. Since and allow to dry.

Metal and plastic: Damp cloth and wipe surfaces.

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