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Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick Pepper Spray

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Lipstick Pepper Spray - the ultimate self-defense tool for women on the go. At 10ml, it's small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, but packs a powerful punch when it comes to protecting yourself.

Have peace of mind knowing you have this powerful tool with you.

Here are four safety tips to keep in mind when using your Lipstick Pepper Spray:

  1. Keep it in an easily accessible place, such as your purse or pocket or bra.
  2. Familiarize yourself with how to use it before you need to use it in an emergency.
  3. Avoid pointing it towards your face or eyes.
  4. Keep it away from children.

Why should you buy our Lipstick Pepper Spray?

  1. It's a discreet and powerful self-defense tool.
  2. It's easy to carry with you at all times.
  3. It's designed specifically for women, giving you the added peace of mind that comes with knowing you're carrying a tool that's been tailored to your needs.

Don't take any chances when it comes to your safety. Invest in a Lipstick Pepper Spray today and feel confident and secure in any situation.

Shipping Options SA only

Gauteng - R99 OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng - R105 ECONOMY (3-4 days)

Care Instructions

Material sections: Hand Wash

Luke warm water + Soap. Since and allow to dry.

Metal and plastic: Damp cloth and wipe surfaces.

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