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11in1 Multi-functional Tool S/Steel Card

11in1 Multi-functional Tool S/Steel Card

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Ultimate 11-in-1 Multi Tool Card

Our multifunctional compact, pocket-sized 11in1 tool is crafted from stainless steel, cleverly designed versatile and practical, black poach included.

Tools and Everyday Uses: On a keychain.

  1. Screwdriver: Easily tighten a loose screw without hunting for the toolbox, keeping things in order around the house.
  2. Knife Edge: Slice open packages, cut rope, or handle small tasks that come your way. forgot a knife on your camping trip?
  3. Can Opener: Pop open cans for quick meal prep or outdoor picnics.
  4. Bottle Opener: Crack open a cold drink after a rewarding day's work or during social gatherings.
  5. Ruler: Measure on-the-go for DIY projects or those impromptu home improvements.
  6. 4 Position Wrench: Tighten bolts and nuts with precision, whether it's for furniture or minor vehicle repairs.
  7. Butterfly Wrench: Handle emergency pipe or valve tightening with ease.
  8. Saw Blade: Trim branches during outdoor adventures or handle light carpentry tasks.
  9. Direction Indication: Never lose your way; use the Sun compass-like feature to orient yourself on hikes or travels.
  10. 2 Position Wrench: Double the wrench power for added versatility.
  11. Lanyard or Keyring Hole: Keep it accessible on your keychain or attach it to a lanyard for quick access.


Why buy this?

  1. Thoughtful Gift: Looking for a gift that stands out? Women, surprise your husband or boyfriend with a tool that matches his adventurous spirit and practical needs.
  2. Effortless Portability: Its credit card size ensures it fits snugly in pockets, bags, or even attached to a keyring – ready whenever and wherever.
  3. Corporate Gifting: Impress male colleagues or clients with a corporate gift that speaks volumes about your thoughtful choice.

Shipping Options SA only

Gauteng - R99 OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng OVN (1-2 days)

Outside Gauteng - R105 ECONOMY (3-4 days)

Care Instructions

Material sections: Hand Wash

Luke warm water + Soap. Since and allow to dry.

Metal and plastic: Damp cloth and wipe surfaces.

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