• Car Safety tool 3in1, window breaker, seatbelt cuter, whistle


    Car Safety!

    • Window breaker: Designed to break car windows in emergency situations. Simply Press flat against windows you will hear a clicking sound. Glass will shatter
    • Seatbelt cutter: A sharp and sturdy tool designed to cut through seatbelts in emergency situations. To use, remove safety clip position seatbelt in slotand press down firmly to slice through the material.
    • Whistle: Designed to attract attention. Simply blow into the whistle.
    How it works? 
  • What is a Safety Alarm?


    85-100dbl - Hair Dryer| Blender | Vacuum Cleaner | Motorcycle | Alarm clock

    100-120dbl - Lawnmower | Car Horn | Ambulance Siren

    120-140dbl - Jet taking off at 100m away | Gunshot at close range| Rock Concert

    Note: dBL is a logarithmic unit of measurement and 140 dBL is considered extremely loud and potentially harmful to hearing if exposed for extended periods of time.

  • Lipstick Pepper Spray


    • Lipstick Pepper spray is a type of self-defense tool- contains capsaicin.
    • It is typically used to temporarily incapacitate an attacker or aggressor.
    • When sprayed, it causes immediate inflammation of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, making it difficult for the person to see, breathe, or speak.
    • Effects can include coughing, choking, temporary blindness, and difficulty breathing.
    • It is important to note that pepper spray should only be used in situations where you feel threatened and in immediate danger, and it's important to be aware that it may have different effects on different individuals.
    How to use? 
  • what is pepper spray. Does pepper spray hurt


    The benefit of a 60ml pepper spray is that it provides a larger quantity of spray compared to smaller sizes, allowing for more uses in a single container.

    This can be useful in situations where multiple sprays may be necessary to deter an attacker or in cases where the spray is used in a larger area.

    Additionally, the larger size may offer more value for money as it may last longer before needing to be replaced.

    How To use? 
  • How to use brass knuckles. kitty knuckles


    A knuckle duster, also known as a brass knuckle, is a weapon that is worn over the knuckles to increase the damage caused by punches.

    It is made of metal and has finger holes for the fingers to fit through.

    It can cause serious injury or even death if used improperly. It is illegal in many places and can lead to serious legal consequences if caught with one. It is important to be trained in its proper use before considering carrying one for self-defense.

    Self Defence laws in SA 
  • Pepper Spray keychain- pink


    SELF DEFENSE: Pepper spray can provide an effective means of defending oneself against an attacker.

    CONVENIENCE: Carrying a 20ml pepper spray is a convenient option as it is small, easy to carry and can be used quickly.

    LEGAL: Pepper Spray is legal to carry in South Africa for self defence.

    DISTANCE: Shooting distance of 2-3m, the user can defend themselves from a safe distance without having to be in close proximity to the attacker.

  • What is a Kubaton and how to use a Kubaton



    Are small self-defense tools that can be easily carried.

    Benefits include being able to use it in close-quarters, providing striking power and leveraging pressure points for self-defense.

    Risks include potential injury & death if not used properly, NOTE: Attacker can grab tool and use against user.

    It is important to receive training on how to properly use and handle a kubaton before using it.

    How to Use? 

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